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Eland NewsDesk is a subscriber news management system enabling the reception of messages Modemover serial links such as leased lines, dial-up, radio-data, satellite links or the Internet. Your subscribers, whether across town, in another city or in another country, can receive your newscast.

Eland NewsDesk has extensive scheduling and message filtering capabilties. It has sorting areas called Folders - the system's basic organising unit. Messages can be held in daily or cumulative folders. Messages can be placed in multiple folders without unnecessary duplication of data.Satellite

  • The messages received are automatically grouped in Folders according to the line on which they arrived.
  • Messages can be grouped in Folders according to the information in the message header.
  • Text analysis can be used to group messages in Folders based on their content, with or without reference to the origin of the message or header content.
  • Messages can also be placed in Folders manually.

Eland NewsDesk is designed for round-the-clock operation. It can run under Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT or Windows 2000.


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